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Motorola MSF5000 Analog base/repeater - Mechem Electronics.

Motorola MSF5000 Analog base/repeater station control EEPROM codeplug programming. VHF, UHF and 800 mHz. conventional or trunked stations. We use the Motorola R1801 DAC and OEM factory firmware. Contact us regarding. Motorola MSF5000 Repeater, Decibel Products Duplexer, Motorola tuning panel, Repeater Antenna w/tower clamps. NO SERVICE MANUAL. Band: 902-927MHz Up for sale is a in good working condition Motorola MSF5000. Motorola 800 Mhz MSF5000 Conventional Analog Repeater. Has TX RX Systems Inc. 800 Mhz vari-notch duplexer with matching RX pre-amp. Includes 68P81092E05 instruction manual. Duplexer model 28-89-01-A Freq band 806. 2015/07/11 · Motorola MSF5000 927.5500 MHz pl 100.0 KD4YDD repeater - Georgia 900.

2019/04/02 · This repeater is mostly used with walkie talkies AKA HT's. its been online for about 6 years now. Motorola TLN2418A MSF5000 Test Panel. Provides diagnostic testing of MSF5000 base and repeater stations. New in the OEM box. Includes Meter panel, built in 5 watt af amp, speaker, meter 10 and 25 volt full scale ranges,2. This is a Motorola MSF5000 VHF repeater, model number C93CXB7106B. This is a 350 watt repeater/base station with a band split of 146-174 Mhz. Unit currently puts our 225 watts on our watt meter. We could not get the unit to go. 2017/05/09 · MOTOROLA MSF5000 UHF Repeater. 8-Ch Controls Also - $375.00. I found a key to the panel and took a couple photos of the inside. I didn't open the second unit, but assume they're identical inside. Mike Closing our business and selling everything. I don't want to move these and am lowering the price. They're offered locally also, so if you're interested, don't wait too long. Thanks. We have one.

MSF5000 and MSF10000 R05.19.00 MT1000 P200 Low band software MTS2010/2013 RSS in Deutsch language MTSX series R06.04.00 MTSX series RSS manual. FUNCTION MSF5000 WILDCARD TRN-9754A Ground J1303-4 COS J1303-1 Receive Audio J1301-30 Transmit Audio J1301-25 PTT J1302-22 Alternate Interfacing Option 1 If you don't have a Wild Card in your digital capable station, you can interface to the station by reading through the following Microsoft Word '97 conversion instructions or a.pdf of the same idea. Manuals Brands Motorola Manuals Repeater MSF 5000 Motorola MSF 5000 Manuals Manuals and User Guides for Motorola MSF 5000. We have 1 Motorola MSF 5000 manual available for free PDF download: Service Manual. MOTOROLA MSF5000 POWER amp module TLF6820A M2517 MRF842 NPN 20W 806-960 mhz - $10.00. FOR SALE! This auction is for quantity of one TLF6820A 806-960 MHz pa module with M2517 pa transistor. 20watt. Taken out of service from 150 watt Motorola PA's in good working condition. Free shipping to lower 48 states. If you want quantity of more than 5, make me an offer. I have 30 of them.

Base station, repeater and receiver for analog conventional, and trunking systems 79 pages. MSF5000 Battery Charger Power Supply 500W 110/220V 50Hz TPN1269A Service Manual C $20.07 or Best Offer Free Shipping From Israel Kulka 602 20 position Terminal Block LOT N496 C $22.09 Buy It Now C $23.60. MOTOROLA MSF5000 Repeater 800 Mhz 150W o MODEL: C85CXB7106BT o 810.237500 REC o 855.237500 RPT 150 WATT o Comes with ANTENNA To reuse this will need reprogrammed. HAM operators take note.

Motorola MSF5000 TLE2522 UHF Amplifiers are now used on our repeaters, because of the massive losses in our 4 channel Decibel Products hybrid combiner which we use to allow all of our 4 UHF repeater to use the same antenna. Motorola TLN2419A Diagnostic Meter Panel. Specifically designed for thr MSF5000. Includes a 5 watt audio amplifier and built in speaker. A built in meter is also provided, for monitoring the station transmitter and receiver circuits. Up. MOTOROLA MSF5000 REPEATER BASE STATION, C74CXB-7106 B7 C $420.96 or Best Offer Shipping not specified From United States Motorola MSF5000 power amp module TLF6820A M2517 MRF842 NPN 20W 806-960 mhz. 2013/08/14 · MSF5000 for walkie talkies and mobiles 20190402 - Duration: 1:25. VA3-GFY 34 views 1:25 Things you can make from old, dead laptops - Duration: 19:03. DIY.

Purchase Motorola MSF5000 100watt UHF Amplifier TTE1452A in Joplin, Missouri, United States. Used Motorola OEM MSF5000 Single Circulator Power Amplifier UHF 435-475 MHz ModelTTE1452A I removed back cover to. MOTOROLA MSF5000 POWER Amplifier TTF1242C ly5 - $149.99. Motorola TTF1242C power amp. Good used condition. 223748478752.

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